About Us

Task Molly is the Virtual Back Office Team supporting entrepreneurs and small businesses all over the U.S.  We specialize in the management of marketing, sales, and administrative tasks. We manage tasks ranging from social media management to integrating multiple systems and everything in between. 


If it can be delegated, we can get it done.


We are a task-focused, results-driven, high-performance team.  As a result, we don't hold our clients' hostage. No contracts, just results.

Why Task Molly


You have access to our work management app, which houses all correspondence, documents, and the status of every task. 


We are a passionate group of people inspired by entrepreneurship, fueled by problem-solving, and excited by making a difference. Our business is taking care of your business.

I have had the pleasure of being a client of Task Molly for over 2 years now... I've yet to have a task, situation, or problem that they haven't been able to resolve. From accounting to marketing, to software implementation, Task Molly has literally helped every step of the way and been an instrumental part of our growth and success...

Plans starting at only $425/mo







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