5 Instagram Tactics That Will Help You Convert Followers to Clients

Thanks to the power of its striking visuals, Instagram (IG) has emerged as one of the go to platforms for marketing. IG visuals make a quick and lasting impression on its users, which fosters an environment for increased engagement making it easier to nurture relationships with potential customers.

If you've decided that IG is the right platform for your business, the below tactics can help you convert IG followers into customers.

1. Deliver a Consistent Brand Message

Your IG profile, similar to your profile on Twitter and Facebook, serve as your business card and short bio. It quickly communicates who you are and helps users decide whether or not they want to connect and engage with you. Therefore, it is important to make it easy for IG users to understand who you are, what you do, and how you can help them solve their problems.

You have 150 characters to tell people about you so choose your words wisely. Be clear, and concise, and don’t forget to show your personality. There are tons of marketers, web designers, coaches, etc. but what makes you different is that you are the only YOU. So show them who YOU are.

The second part of delivering a consistent brand message is in your content. This includes the look, feel, and overall flow, in addition to substance. Identify your focus and delete or refrain from publishing things that are not aligned with your core focus areas.

2. Run а Cоntеst

People love IG contests. In just a few seconds, they can enter to win great prizes and support a person or brand that they like. A good contest usually results in new followers, leads, and customers. Before any contest we'd recommend having measures in place to track the performance of your contest. You can do this by using a Bit.ly link and having a website tracker in place to monitor visits, clicks, etc.

If you’re worried about managing the contest and determining the winners, then don’t worry. Wishpond is an easy-to-use option that integrates with everything from MailChimp to Salesforce, helping you get the most bang for your content bucks. Plus, they have a 14-day trial so there’s very little risk in taking this contest app for a test run.

3. Reward Followers with Promo Codes

Converting leads to clients can be one of the most difficult tasks, initially. However, most humans love a good discount so you can never go wrong with a little discount or promo code. Promo codes are just a small way of telling your followers that you appreciate them.

Using promo codes with the right hashtags can drive followers, engagement, and sales. This tactic pays off handsomely because when people know that you regularly drop discount codes, they are more likely to stay around and interact on post more frequently.

4. Build Relationships with Followers

Your followers are real humans who crave attention, and if you give it to them, they will never forget you. Instead of focusing on your goal to sell more, keep a focus on the actual goal, which is to add value and solve problems. No one wants to feel like just a number, which is why we all crave personalized service. You like to feel special, right? Well your followers are no different. Focusing on building genuine relationships and delivering good content, will result in more followers, increased engagement, and the conversion of followers to clients.

5. Tell the Story!

We all know the power of a good story, right? It captivates us. Consumes us even. Well the great thing about IG is that even when you don’t have the words, you can still tell the story through photos. So take great photos and use photos that really capture the essence of you, your brand, and your message.

Remember, consistency is key and don’t forget to track performance as you test and implement different tactics.

Happy marketing!

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