5 Ways to Market Your Business in 2020

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

Marketing your business will be one of the biggest investments you make in terms of time and dollars spent. Remember, you can have the best product or service but if no one knows about it, you’re just the best kept secret.  

How do you avoid being the best kept secret? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered… 

Leverage Your Email List

Consider incorporating email marketing into your overall marketing strategy. This doesn’t just mean sending random emails or emailing your “list” every day. You want to be intentional about when and what you communicate. Do you remember that one time that you input your email address into the box on a website to get that free download or that report with the interesting stats that you wanted to read? Do you also remember when you received those series of 2 - 3 emails from that person that made you really think hard about buying their product or service? There you go! That entire sequence of events was planned out and built into their overall marketing strategy. 

Do a Giveaway 

Offering something free or at a discount is an excellent strategy to encourage the customers to sample your products or services. I mean who doesn’t looooove a getting free things? If you’re not raising your hand, then you’re simply not human. You can do a giveaway with very little effort. 

Speak at EventS 

Speaking at an event, even if it’s a non-paid speaking gig, is a great way to market and network. You are not only positioning yourself as a subject matter expert in your field but you’ll also have plenty of opportunities to give your 30-second elevator pitch to event attendees. Those free speaking events will turn into paid events and recurring customers. Short term sacrifice, long term gain. 

Comment, Comment, Comment! 

Commenting on social media posts and blogs with tips or lessons learned tell people that you know what you’re talking about without saying, “HEY, I AM AN EXPERT.” Remember being a kid on the playground jumping up and down saying “pick me, pick me?” Yes, same concept but a little more subtle.

Wondering what to say in the comments? That’s easy! Start or continue the conversation. Answer questions. Provide value. Build relationships. Do anything except yell “pick me, pick me.” Got it? Awesome!

Talk to Strangers

Get in the habit of making conversation and telling people about your business everywhere you go. Yes, every single place you go. You never know what problem someone has that your product or service can solve. If you can meet your soul mate in the grocery store, you can meet your next client there as well.

So let’s recap… 

We’re going to get in peoples inbox, give things away for free, speak at events, comment (talk to strangers online), and talk to strangers in-person. 

Do you see the common theme? Create more opportunities to talk and engage with people in their inbox, online, and in-person. 


Up for a little homework? We knew you’d say yes...

We challenge you to talk to 5 strangers a day. Just spark up a conversation and actually genuinely engage in that moment. Sometimes the conversation will present an opportunity for you to share something about your business and sometimes it won’t but either way it costs you nothing to have a conversation while in line. I mean, you’re standing there anyway, right?

Let’s us know if you do the homework and how it goes. @us on social media and use #talktostrangers2020. Our CEO is participating in the challenge as well and will be using the challenge hashtag. Follow her on IG @icjsmith.

Happy marketing!

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