Bookkeeping Apps for Small Businesses

Top 3 bookkeeping apps made for small and growing businesses.

Although it is often times neglected, bookkeeping is essential to every business regardless to how small you are. We do however believe that the smaller or less complex your business is, the less complex the system can be.

Check out these bookkeeping apps for small businesses and let us know what you think.

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks is a leader in the accounting and bookkeeping industry, and although QuickBooks Online (QBO) does not offer all of the functionality as the desktop version, it is still robust and meets the needs of most businesses. It is very robust and encompasses modules for 1099 contractors, payroll and projects. The project module is new and still under beta but we expect to see a lot of development in this area with the increased need for job and project tracking.

Ideal for: small to medium-sized companies.


Freshbooks is a cloud accounting system that recently received a new makeover making it's user interface even more attractive and user-friendly. You can integrate your business checking account to quickly categorize your expenses and even associate expenses with specific customers or projects. Their phone app is also worth mentioning. It has almost all of the capabilities of the desktop version and is extremely easy to use.

Ideal for: Solopreneuers and small businesses.


Wave is most widely known for being a free accounting option and for the functionality that it offers, it is a great option for those just starting out. Wave offers the ability to manage accounting, payroll, invoicing, payments, bills, reporting, and quite a few other functions. It is oftentimes compared to Xero, another accounting program.

Ideal for: Solopreneuers and small businesses.

Update: We started off using Freshbooks and then moved to Wave, and WE LOVE IT. We currently have clients that use all 3 and for different reasons, they are great for those clients. If you need help determining the best accounting or bookkeeping solution for your business, we encourage you to talk to your bookkeeper or CPA. If you do your own internal accounting, go with the one that is easiest for you to manage.

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