How to Delegate Tasks Effectively

Updated: Mar 31

When working with a virtual (remote) professional, communication and delegation style are important, especially when communicating via text, email or instant message. To help you be successful delegating tasks, we asked some of our best clients what works for them, and we've compiled a few of their tips below.

Tip No 1. - Pick the best medium

You want to select the best medium or channel to communicate, and pick something that works for you and the virtual professional you are delegating tasks to. For example, if read receipts are important to you and the preferred medium is text message, you may settle on an app like WhatsApp.

Tip No. 2 - Be clear and concise

Providing clear and concise direction will really help you to be more successful with your virtual professional. Also, try providing direction in the same format using somewhat of a template or standard flow or outline. Following the same format will help you both make sure that you do not leave out any important details and will also establish an expectation for your virtual person in terms of information they should be receiving.

Tip No. 3 - Always provide a deadline

Don't forget to provide a deadline for every task unless it is an ongoing or recurring tasks like social media management. Also, remember to build in lead time allowing a day or two for you to provide feedback as well as time for your virtual professional to make any updates based on your requested changes.

Tip No. 4 - Provide context

When delegating tasks it helps to provide context so that you virtual professional can buy-in to the bigger picture and goals of your company. Yes, anyone can enter data into the spreadsheet but if you communicated how important this task is and how it then enables you to do "________," your virtual professional will work even harder on the task.

We hope these tips help! For more tips or to chat with one of our virtual professionals, contact us.

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