Join FB Groups From Your Business Page Now [Facebook Releases New Business Features]

Have you heard? Facebook released two new features during their Facebook Communities Summit back in February that are designed to help businesses better engage and interact.

Change No. 1 - Unified inbox

Instagram direct messages now show up in your Facebook page inbox creating a unified inbox allowing you (or your virtual assistant) to manage both inboxes from one place. The goal is to streamline the process of managing messages so that business can provide a better experience to their prospects or customers. We are big fans of simplified processes so Facebook gets major cool points for this enhancement.

Change No. 2 - Pages can participate in groups

Prior to now, you could only join and participate in Facebook groups from your personal page. You would then have to share your business page or link depending on the groups rules. Interestingly enough, many groups do not allow for promotional posts and this change has a huge impact on that because now there will be little to no promotion needed when interacting from your FB business page.

The catch? The catch is group owners can determine if they want to allow pages to join their group or not, and we expect for this to be the norm. The only time we think groups will want pages to participate is if the group is solely focused on promotion and referrals.

As with any change to social media platforms that you use, you’ll want to be thinking about how this impacts your business and how you can now better leverage Facebook groups to help you improve and grow your business. You can keep up with other recent changes to Facebook by visiting Facebook Newsroom.


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