Productivity Hack: Take Your To-do List to The Next Level With This Trello Board.

Finding ways to increase productivity is something that every entrepreneur and small business owner desires. Why? Like most, you probably probably have more things to do than you have time and when that's the case, our natural desire is to seek out new ways to improve productivity.

If we can be honest, we are no different here at Task Molly. I regularly look at and test new apps and methods because I am always looking for ways to do things better, faster and more efficiently.

One of our go-to applications for organization and productivity is Trello. We have a ton of different boards but one my most regularly used for business and personal to-do list management is our "Productivity: To-do List" board.

This Trello board is organized by the following columns: Ideas, To Do, This Week, Done and Hold. Key features that we use on this board and almost every Trello board are deadlines, attachments and the "email to board" feature. Deadlines are important in terms of task and time management. Attachments or links to documents help to quickly reference documents related to a specific task. Lastly, the "email to board" feature is definitely one of our most used and favorite features. The key to easily incorporate the email feature into your workflow is to save the board email as a contact so that you can quickly forward emails to the board. Incorporating just those 3 things alone will take this to-do list board to the next level.

You can access this board here. Copy it to your Trello account and modify it to fit your workflows and style. If you do not have a Trello account, you can create one here.

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