Take The Headache Out Of Filing Your LLC Paperwork

Starting a business is not easy so when you find companies that really simplify the process, it is really worth the investment. Recently, I used IncFile to form a new business.

IncFile helps you file all of your business entity paperwork, offers a dashboard that organizes all of the paperwork, and also partners with service providers to offer promotions and discounts like business banking, tax support, etc.

First. Getting setup was really easy! I am always happy about easy to use and well-designed “clean” websites. My user experience in this area was GREAT!

Second. The price is right (Cha-Ching!) InkFile forms the business entity for ZERO dollars + formation fees (meaning you only pay the fees required by the state or organizing agency).

Third. They operate as your Registered Agent. This means they are the initial point of contact for all mail related to your business. They forward all of your documents to you via your portal. I LOVE THAT!

I know what you’re thinking — ”I can file my own LLC paperwork.” And yes, you’re right - you most certainly can and trust me when I say, I’ve filed my own paperwork in the past. Heck, I formed Task Molly and all prior companies myself BUT I’d highly recommend that you consider this service because of the value and peace of mind offered. Oh, and did I mention that it was processed really fast? I think everything was ”official” in two weeks. That’s pretty quick.

To learn more, visit IncFile’s website. Thinking you're too busy to do this - Don't worry! Your Task Molly team can help facilitate this process and ensure that things are set up and filed correctly on your behalf. Interested in outsourcing this? Let's chat.

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