Virtual Assistant vs. Online Business Manager vs. Project Manager

Updated: May 20

A quick overview of the difference between 3 very popular professions to help you select the best skill-set for your business needs.

Virtual Assistant vs. Online Business Manager vs. Project Manager... What is the difference?

This is a question that we get often!

Let us first start by saying that the roles and functions described below are general outlines but as always, there are exceptions to any “rule.” It is also worth noting that occasionally you will find a unicorn that will possess the skill-sets of all three. Trust us, we have a few on our Task Molly team.

Let’s get to it...

Virtual Assistant (VA)

  • Task oriented and completes tasks provided by company owner/staff

  • Varying level of skills (some are specialist, while some are generalist)

  • Require direction        

  • Completes day-to-day tasks and provides regular progress updates

General rates: $10.00 – $50.00 / hour (highly dependent on skills/experience)

Generally charges hourly

Online Business Manager (OBM)

  • Responsible for managing a team of people

  • Manages day-to-day business (not necessarily completing every single task themselves)

  • Helps set direction        

  • Sets high-level strategy

  • Assists with bringing in sales (business development)

  • Helps set identify and implement strategies

General rates: $50 - $80+ / hour

Generally charges hourly or retainer

Project Manager

  • Manages a specific project (an effort with a clear start and end date) ensuring that the project scope is complete on schedule and within budget, and delivers the desired end results

  • Manages project team/staff assigned to the project

General rates: $50 – 120+ / hour

Generally charges hourly or by the project

So there you have! Pretty straight forward, right? You are probably thinking yes and no. There is definitely areas where there can be overlap in skill-sets, rates, etc. The key is finding someone that has the experience you need, at a rate that you can afford, and delivers at the level you expect.

If you still have questions and want to chat, contact us! We are always here to help and be a sounding board to our community.

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