Helping Small Business Owners & Students at the same time.

After I graduated with my undergrad degree in business, I started managing the "back office" of my dad's landscaping company. By taking over some of the time consuming and tedious tasks like social media management and email marketing, he was able to focus more on client acquisition and retention - you know, the big stuff! Together, our efforts tripled his business revenue.  I continued to do this for more small business owners and had similar results. They too increased their revenue, they were operating more efficiently, and they had balance. They were no longer a slave to their business. I knew then that with just a little help at an affordable price, small business owners could really begin to scale their business. Then Task Molly was born. 

Over the years, Task Molly has morphed as with any living and growing thing. One of the biggest changes has been the fact that we've now niched down and only provide marketing support opposed to supporting all "back office" functions like administrative, bookkeeping, etc. We made this change for many reasons but the two biggests reasons were:


1. We wanted to provide the best results to our clients


2. We wanted to provide the best on-the-job training and mentorship to our student Marketing Assistants

And focusing on one niche area of business support has allowed us to do those two things better. 

Today, Task Molly is made up of an awesome team of Business Marketing students or recent graduates that speak all things business, content, and social media marketing. They're out-of-the-box thinkers that are passionate about learning and helping all of our clients grow their small businesses.  The team fully understands how digital and content marketing coupled with tech and data analytics contribute to and drive business. So when you work with Task Molly, you're really getting a great team (and I'm not saying that). 

I am proud to say that Task Molly has helped and continues to help small businesses from coast to coast including law offices, dental offices, commercial cleaning companies, realtors and brokers, and of course Task Molly still manages the "back office" of my dad's landscaping company, which is based in San Diego, CA.

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